Jul 12

Silverlight: Beta vs Alpha

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Sorry, but to me only the manged version matters :,,) Just for fun i”ve tried porting some of the beta samples to managed code. Against all odds, i”ve ended up enjoying the simplicity of Javascript and I”ve tested different approaches for encapsulating xaml content. When i ported the beta samples, i wanted to do it as quickly as possible.

So, i”ve just copied the xaml and built the rest of the code around those files instead of refactoring the main elements of the top canvas into controls. And you want to know something? I”ve really think that this approach might be a good option if you”re not repeating elements on a canvas (at least on the current version).

Btw, there are really somethings which are a lot easier in javascript than in managed code. For instance, try setting a path in managed code and then see how easy it”s in Javascript…If you take a look at the code i”ve written in managed code, you”ll see that some don”t mimic all the functionalities that exist on beta version”s code (most of them for lack of time).