Sep 05

Book review: CLR via C#

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I”m assuming we”re all busy people, so I”ll start with the note: 9/10.

This  book is almost perfect. I believe i have 2 observations about it:

  • CLR hosting coverage is not as good as the rest of the book. anyway, we”re talking about a huge topic and there”s already a cool book about it;
  • I didn”t see any mention to the new async pattern based on events (here”s a msdn article that talks about it) which was introduced in .NET 2.0. Does that mean that it”s no longer used?

The rest of the book is really good. I mean, it probably has the best overview on the garbadge collecter I”ve ever seen and it”s full of small details that will really help you understand the CLR a lot better.

Probably the best book I”ve read in the last months.