Sep 21

What can we find in the next version of ASP.NET

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I”ve finally started looking at the next version of the ASP.NET 3.5 platform. I”ve already seen that there are some new controls there, but in this post I”d like to reference one or two things that look promising and that are related with stuff that didn”t work in the previous versions. First, a word about validation: it seems like you don”t really need the extra download anymore if you”re building ajax sites. the validators were updated and work correctly with the UpdatePanel control (at least, my old tests that used to break in this scenario run without any problems). If I recall correctly, the team said that the windows update would automatically update the existing code, but to be honest, I never cheched it again (yes, in the last months I haven”t really been working with ASP.NET or AJAX).

There are also good news for web parts: on the 3.5 platform, you can do everything by using partial postbacks, ie, you no longer need to have a full postback if, for example, you”re changing the position of a web part to a different zone.The only thing you should keep in mind is  that you need to put everything inside the same UpdatePanel! Oh,and I didn”t make it work in Firefox, but i might be missing something…