Sep 27

Book review: Windows Developer Power Tools

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[Disclaimer: I”ve received a free copy of this book for review, but I can assure you that this did not affect my review in any way]

I”ve just finished reading this huge book that presents several tools that will definitely make your life as a developer a lot easier. It”s really a huge book with more than 1000 pages! Inside, you”ll find several brief tutorials on several tools, most of them free. So, if you”re looking for a reference with several tools and short tutorials, this is the book you should buy. As you”d expect, the books doesn”t talk about any tool in-depth: its main objective is to present you the tools so that you can start using them quickly.

Even though I”ve enjoyed reading the book, there is one issue that I”d like to mention: some of the contents are outdated. For instance, ASP.NET AJAX is still called ATLAS and the book”s site doesn”t have an errata (maybe I”ve just missed it?).This is why I”m giving it a 7/10 (instead of an 8) for its content.