Dec 14

IDLogin control: why I''m not using it

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As you may know, MS has released the Windows Live SDK some time ago. In a recent project, I was asked to use the Windows Live ID authentication on a web application. Well, using it turned out to be really easy, so I”m not going to bore you with the details. A few days after I was asked to use the new Windows Live controls that were supposed to simplify this operation (which, btw, are part of the Windows Live Tools for Microsoft Visual Studio). Unfortunately, the IDLogin control suffers from several limitations. First, the control forces me to use ASP.NET AJAX, which was not a requirement for this project. This is completely wrong since I will not add ASP.NET AJAX to my application just for using the IDLogin control.

Second, even if it lets me set the style properties which can be passed on the url that is assigned to the iframe that is generated automatically by the control, it won”t let me set all the possible attributes for an iframe element. For instance,in my case I needed to use a transparent iframe,which means that I need to set the allowtransparency attribute to true. Since the control doesn”t expose any property which would let me set this attribute nor does it use an iframe as its top tag, there really isn”t any way for me to set this attribute. So, I guess that using the good old iframe in HTML is still the best way to achieve proper integration of the Live ID on an ASP.NET web page…