May 05

Book review: Write Great Code II

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I”ve just finished up reading the second book of the Write Great Code sequel. Even though I don”t use C or C++ regularly in my day-to-day work (yeah baby, it”s always C#), I can tell you that I”ve enjoyed reading this book. It”s really well written (at least, the first 100 pages, where you get lots of important concepts; the rest of the pages have lots and lots of code listings, which make it hard to read sometimes) and I believe that everyone should read this and the first book in the series.

There are great chapters on the x86 architecture and on assembly basics. One of the things that Randall Hyde says is that you don”t need to know assembly to understand the book. When I bought the book, I thought: yeah, right…but now I can tell you the guy knows what he”s saying!

The only thing I”d change is that I”d just use one compiler: I say this because I think that using one would be enough for explaining most of the concepts presented on the book. So, I”d give it 8/10.