May 06

I”ve been a long time reader of the Coding Horror. I do enjoy the posts…at least most of the time. The best part about blogging is that we”re all entitled to have an opinion. And that”s why I was really shocked (to say the least) when I saw the MVC pattern applied to the HTML+CSS+Browser example. It seems like we”re all getting crazy around MVC and Silverlight…what else can I say?

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  1. Zeroth
    1:40 am - 5-8-2008

    How does that relate in any way at all to Silverlight? Sorry for my confusion, but I don”t see the connection. Have you actually tried Silverlight? I am very pro-FOSS, but its a decent platform to code in/for, whatever.

  2. Luis Abreu
    7:48 am - 5-8-2008

    Hype. that”s how it”s related to SL. Both technologies are great, but they simply don”t justify the current hype around them.

    Regarding your question, yes, I have tried SL a long long time ago. I did knew something about it, but I must admit that I haven”t really tested the latest beta version. I intend to that in the next days though.

    Just to make my point clear, I”m not agains it. only against the hype which tries to push it as the best platform for the web.