May 17

Book review: The Mythical Man-Month

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This book is a classic! It”s one of those books that simply doesn”t get outdated! I”m not sure if this is such a good thing. After all, the book has more than 20 years now and if we still keep doing the same mistakes, then something is really wrong with us :,,)

Anyway, the book is great, has several cool stories that show you how hard it is to produce good quality software in a tight schedule. If you”re thinking that you simply don”t have time to go through all the +300 pages, then don”t worry: the 20th anniversary edition has a new chapter which resumes all the previous one with a list of concise topics. I”m glad that the author has emended some of his previous positions (for instance, when he said that hiding implementation details was not a good thing) and I think that overall, I”m giving it a 8/10.