May 31

Yesterday I saw one of the worst live performances I can remember. Amy Winehouse has a fantastic voice, but if she keeps doing this she will disappear from scene within the next six months. As if starting the concert 45 minutes after time wasn”t bad enough, she appeared completely drunk (and, dare I say it, stoned?).

Her voice was really awful and she even fell on stage. Thank god her band is really amazing (well, if it weren”t for the guys on the chorus she would probably be lying on the floor!) and tried to compensate for her unprofessional behavior.

This is one of those things that really makes me mad. There are so many people out there trying to be superstars and they just can”t get there (even when they”re trying hard). On the other hand, we have people like Amy: they already have everything (man, even with a sour voice, there really isn”t any doubts that she really can sing) and it looks like they don”t give a crap about it and don”t mind simply throwing everything away.

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  1. Reaper
    8:03 am - 6-1-2008

    She had to play this gig or the American tour was cancelled … well now it is cancelled for sure. Poor, sad Amy not long for this world now.