Jun 11

Book review: ADO.NET 3.5 Cookbook

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[Disclaimer: I’ve received a free copy of this book for review]

After several days, I’ve finally finished reading this book. This is really a very complete book wit lots and lots (and lots!) of examples. It’s fair to say that it covers most (if not all) ADO.NET related scenarios (I’m an SQL Server user but if you’re into Oracle then it also has several examples that show how to use ADO.NET and Oracle).

I do have one complaint though: chapter 8. Currently, I’ll personally “hurt” anyone that is working on the same project as me and that uses ADO.NET objects on window forms or ASP.NET front ents! Ok, I’m not violent, so I wouldn’t really hurt anyone :,,) serioulsy, don’t use ADO.NET objects on your UI.

Having said this, I still recommend it (if you’re working with ADO.NET) and I’m going to give it 7.5/10.