Jul 08

This is one of the things I”ve been thinking about in these last days. To be honest, I still see Flash only sites (feel free to add Silverlight to the list too) as more trouble than they”re worth it. Even though some say they”re more usable, I”d say that”s nonsense. To be honest, they aren”t really integrated in what you expect to get from the web (and main example that confirms this is that you can”t bookmark the “current” location in a flash application – ok, to be fair, I should say that you can probably use the same tricks you have with AJAX, but how many sites do that).

Forgetting about usability and concentrating back in your work as web developer, flash had a huge problem: it was “invisible” to search engines which wouldn”t index their content. Well, guess what? It seems Adobe has come with a way for the search engines read the swf files. This is really huge and leaves me wondering how much time will MS take to do the same thing for Silverlight…

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  1. Giovanni Bassi
    4:54 am - 7-10-2008

    Hey Luis, how are you?
    Check this blog post on ZDNet, by Mary-Jo Foley (a professional blogger):
    It looks like Silverlight was designed to be search friendly. I would expect that, after all, it”s all a bunch of XML, right?
    And also, MS still doesn”t index flash.

    Are we gonna have to wait for the competition to push them a little more, so they will start indexing other companies” technologies? After all, I”d like my preferred search engine to index Flash and Silverlight. Let”s wait and see.

    Um abraço,
    Giovanni Bassi