Jul 09

Simply because you can only buy it (officially) from a mobile phone operator. Simply a no-no to me…

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  1. Joao Paulo Carreiro
    2:22 pm - 7-9-2008

    And I guess you refuse to use phones on mobile phones operators? :p

  2. luisabreu
    2:33 pm - 7-9-2008

    No, no. What I”m not doing is paying 129 euros + 2 years paying 60 euros month for having that phone. I really prefer to pay 200 euros for htc touch and then switch mobile operator without having to google for how to unblock the phone.

    btw, I didn”t know that you still had time to read the blog:)

  3. NIels Hansen
    5:48 am - 7-11-2008

    Somehow I have a feeling your holding out for the Microsoft Zune Phone! 🙂

  4. luisabreu
    11:18 am - 7-11-2008

    Who knows 🙂 I”ve been happy with my htc till now, so I”d say that I”m curious to check the new HTC diamond…

  5. Simone
    7:41 am - 7-31-2008

    In Italy you can buy iPhone from any Apple retailer with no simlock…