Jul 31

Ok, since today is my last day at work before vacations, I’ve though that it would be a great time to relax and since I was talking with a friend of mine about TV series, I thought that I should publish my top 6 TV series of all time, starting from 6 to 1.

6. Frasier

One of the best comedy series of all times. So good that I’ve ordered it from the UK recently. After all, it did in 3 golden globes…

5. Everwood

Really a great suprise. Unlike most of the other entries on this list, this is not a comedy. Unfortunately, this is one of those series that I’ve managed to watch several times on TV (FOX) but that I won’t be able to buy in DVD (unfortunately, they’ve decided not to release it in DVD).

4. House M.D.

Really really cool show…I’ve known Hugh Laurie since the Black Adder series and it was weird seeing that it took him so long to achieve start status…

3. How I met your Mother

What a spectacular comedy. Really! Just look how it made straight to number 3 :,,) Here in Portugal, FOX live is still passing the show, so I’ve reserved 30 mins a day to see it. Really, really funny stuff! Highly recommended…

2. Lost

What can I say? Really…this is the only TV series I know that has so many fans. The plot is really ellaborate and you can’t seem to get enough of it…at least, I can’t!

1. Black Adder

Classic! To me, the best series of all times. Rowan Atkinson (probably more know as Bean) is superb and the result is a show full of irony where you simply can’t stop laughing. I’ve watched the series (I only have 4) several times and they’re always funny. I’m not sure if it will ever leave number 1 spot on my favorite TV series list!

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  1. Pedro Santos
    2:38 pm - 7-31-2008

    Hey Luís 🙂

    Have you tried Prison Break and Heroes?

  2. p3dro
    3:32 pm - 7-31-2008

    Greetings Luis,

    If I”m allowed I”ll give my short list too 🙂

    4 – Prison Break
    3 – House MD
    2 – Seinfeld (I keep watching the re-runs at Sic Radical and still laughing at it)
    1 – Lost

    Best Regards and have a nice vacations.

  3. luisabreu
    9:46 pm - 7-31-2008

    Pedro: Prison break is just too damn boring. Two series just for getting out? not really my kind of series. Heroes, cool, but still not enough for making into my top 🙂

    Israel: 24H is cool but it”s becoming a little repetitive 🙂

  4. p3dro
    2:37 am - 8-1-2008

    Just for fun, I remembered an old Portuguese series, I saw it when I was a kid (and nowadays when I catch it in RTP Memória, while zapping) Duarte & Companhia 🙂