Sep 08

Book review: The design of everyday things

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Ok, before you ask, the answer is no, I did not received a review copy of this book :,,)

Today I”ve finished reading this entertaining book by Donald Norman. Even though the book is a bit outdated (ok, IPods, blackberries, etc. have come out for a long time now and none of them are mentioned in his book), I still think that the principles and ideas Norman presents are still valid today. According to my copy, this edition has a new introduction by the author…hum, not sure on how important that is, but if you ask me, what I”d like is getting better paper and better quality pictures. Oh, and having the notes at the end of the book instead of the footer of the page doesn”t really help either…

Having said this, I still think that this book should be read by anyone that is interesting in learning more on how to design good things. The (somewhat outdated) examples are not bad and will probably illustrate how things could be better (for instance, my stove still has the controls on the “wrong position”). Lots and lots of ramblings on how things should have been done. I found those ramblings entertaining, but I guess that not all will like them…

I”m giving it 7/10.