Sep 21

Ok, I can finally mention this on the open…in the last months I”ve been working with my friend Paulo on what is supposed to be the 1st Portuguese book on LINQ with C#. We”re well on the way to complete the 1st phase of the project and should start the reviewing stages by the end of the month. For now I can only tell you that working in this project with Paulo has been a lot of fun. Let”s just hope that the readers end up enjoying it too. Oh, and this should be another FCA book…

So, if you can read Portuguese and you”re interested in getting our perspective on the LINQ platform, then just wait another month or two…by then the book should have reached the shelves! :,,)

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  1. Pedro Correia
    6:43 pm - 9-22-2008

    Finalmente 😀

    Boa sorte para o que resta, da elaboração, do livro.

  2. rbfigueira
    8:23 am - 9-23-2008

    Oi Luis,

    Existe um outro livro (em que sou co-autor) que também está para sair 😉

    Neste momento, está na editora FCA a fazer as suas revisões .
    Aborda a LINQ mas não de uma forma aprofundada… e é também em C#. 🙂