Oct 23

Just a few weeks ago I was really happy because I was able to start using Tortoise for getting projjects hosted at Codeplex. In these last few days, I just can’t access the damn site through SVN. This is not good, specially if like me, you’re a codeplex user and you don’t want to mess with any of those TFS clients. It looks like I will have to download the MVC code without relying on my beloved Tortoise…Does anyone know what’s going on?

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  1. Matt Hawley
    1:45 am - 10-24-2008

    We”ve not had any production issues with our SVN server that we”re aware of as of recent. Servers are being brought down to apply the security patch, but that”s it. Feel free to contact support at with more information and we can help you out.

    Matt Hawley

  2. luisabreu
    9:16 am - 10-24-2008

    Thanks Matt, I”ll do that. btw, I”ve tried connecting to other projects and it seems like the only one that is not working is the ASP.NET MVC project…