Oct 28

But I can’t find what I want (which, btw, are the videos. Yesterday it was really easy to see Ray Ozzie’s keynote: you just had to click the watch keynote button on the silverlight banner that exists on the top of the page. Now it’s gone and I can’t seem to find any link pointing to it anywhere on the site. So, I’ve ended up seing 15 minutes of Ray’s keynote and that’s it. wtf? Why is that link gone? Is it too much to ask for putting the damn videos online right after the events?

rant,,’s over!

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  1. Brian
    10:46 am - 10-28-2008

    I had the SAME exact experience yesterday as well. Was so disgusted after spending another 15 minutes trying to determine if it was something *I* did or just something with their site. Finally I just gave up. Later in the day saw a link to it somewhere else:


  2. luisabreu
    10:53 am - 10-28-2008

    yes, yesterday it was on the SL banner…waiting some seconds used to show that link (or was after refreshing the page several times?). Oh well, thanks for the link…