Dec 11

Book review: Practical .NET for the Financial Market

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A few months ago I was interested in learning more about the financial market and I’ve found this book at Amazon. The reviewers gave it a really good score, so I bought the book. What a waste of money! For starters, I was expecting (at a minimum) .NET 2.0 code. Unfortunately, everything is written in .NET 1.X (which is really bad, specially since the book was initially released in August 2006!). I don’t like their coding style either, but I won’t go through that route…

The main problem I see with this book is that it tries to show several areas on the .NET framework and end ups being short on all of them. Then there are lots and lots of pages full of boilerplate code which should be only available on a separate download. The way I see it, the book should have concentrated on key things that are specific to the financial market and then introduce several options you have to implement that in .NET (always redirecting to a code download to get more info).

Have I complained about the code? I guess I have, so I’ll just give it my final note: 3/10. It’s probably the lowest score I ever gave to a book. Does anyone want to buy my copy? :,,)