Jan 12

It’s been three days since I’ve installed Windows 7 on my Asus 1000h. Until now, the experience has been really good. I’ve managed to install everything I had on my previous OS and everything is working without any compatibility problems. Ok, not everything. The chipset software installation program refuses to install, but everything else worked perfectly. In fact, this time I was able to get the correct definition for my video card (which is in board) without having to install the drivers from Intel.

I do look the new UI and the idea of getting rid of taskbars and merging everything into a single taskbar seems good. I still haven’t tested the new network stuff (where you’re able to configure several networks and save them so that you can automatically get the devices on each network whenever you reconnect) and it looks like I won’t be doing that because it requires Windows 7 on all the pcs.

One thing I’ve noticed is the new calculator program.Besides  the features we’re used to, now you can convert from one unit to another (lots of different things to convert to/from there), make some basic operations between dates (ex.: add/subtract days to a date) and even run some basic calculations on your mortgage or gas mileage! Ok, nothing really astonishing, but at least this time they’ve added something useful (the conversions have just made my day!).

I’ll keep blogging about Windows 7 on future posts. Keep tuned!

P.S.: some guys asked about the rest of my posts on MVC. Well, I’ll finished them in the next days too so if that is important to you, don’t forget to keep an eye on this space.

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  1. W7
    7:08 pm - 1-20-2009

    Which chipset software did you try to install? Was it the Intel one? If so, I”ve not been able to get it working either – however it seems to work really well with the default drivers.

  2. luisabreu
    7:53 pm - 1-20-2009

    I tried to install the one that came on the installation disk DVD (it installed ok with vista, so I decided to give it a try). I can confirm what you said: everything seems to be working great.