Jan 13

Windows 7: Action Center

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Today I had some more time to play with Windows 7 and one of the interesting new things I’ve noticed is the Action Center.  You’ll be able to open  action center by clicking on icon that exists on your notification area (if you haven’t changed it) or by searching it on the items on the control panel. The action center is the place to go to find  all the problems detected in your PC and for getting possible answers to those problems. Here’s snapshot of the problems detected on my pc:


As you can see, I’m missing an antivirus…I really need to take care of that, but I’ll leave it for a future day :,,)

As you might expect, you can configure the messages that are shown there. Here’s a snapshot of the available configuration options:


In this tool you can also configure the maintenance settings. Probably, the most important one is system backup (which, as you might have guessed, I still haven’t configured :)).

Now, there really is an important feature here which you’ll love: User Account Control settings. This option gives you access to a slide which lets you configure the notification level you want to get whenever you’re doing administration operations. The current default has been working well for me but I know a couple of guys which will quickly push the slide to “Never notify”.


And that’s all for today.