Jan 21

Some windows 7 shortcuts

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Ok, I’m putting this here under windows 7 category, but I really don’t know if some of this stuff didn’t already exist in previous versions of windows (since I’m only running 7 now, I’m not sure if I’ll ever go back to see if it works or not). As you know, you can drag a window to the side of the screen and it will automatically resize to fit that half of the screen. In other words, if you drag a window to the right you’ll notice that when the mouse icon reaches the right border of the screen you’ll have some feedback that indicates that the window will be resized to fill that right half.

What I didn’t know is that you can achieve the same result by using the shortcut win+left/right arrow (depending on which side you which to “anchor” or window). Btw, you make maximize window by using win+up arrow and you can restore or minimize by using the win+down arrow shortcut.