Feb 27

One of the things I do like to do is reply all my mail in plain text. So, like any normal person, I went straight to the options and searched for something about mail replying. And yes, there are a couple of options there. Just to  be sure, I’ve set them all to plain text. Despite that, whenever I hit the reply button, I’d always get rich text if the original message was in plain text.

After some searching, it seems like the only way to get this automatically for all mails is by reading all messages in plain text or by creating a macro. So, I went with plain text. Now, I’d really love to know why can’t I have something that lets me read my messages in the original and *always* reply in plain text…

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  1. Dave Reed
    5:07 pm - 2-27-2009

    So you want your DVR to record in color but you want your camcorder to record in black and white? 🙂

  2. Bertrand Le Roy
    6:28 pm - 2-27-2009

    Interesting that you”d want to do that. Actually, it really bugs me when people do that because it makes it a pain to paste long links. What”s the problem with rich text e-mail?

  3. luisabreu
    8:15 pm - 2-27-2009

    @dave: lol…no, I don”t want to record anything 🙂 ok, seriously, I”m not sure why I can”t do that…I mean, there”s an option on the editor for doing that, but why can”t I set it globally?

    @bertrand: well, I hate it when I paste things from vs and it copies the styles…another thing I don”t like: with text, the formatting of my comments isn”t changed. ex.: you send me an email. i reply inline…with my current settings, your text is marked with special char (in my case, >). with the old settings, when i tried to inline, my text would get the default settings of the previous line and I hated that…not sure if there was a solution for that, but text suites me well…at least for now…