Mar 08

Book review: Our Iceberg is Melting

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I’ve just finished reading this John Kotter’s books. It’s really short (I’ve read it during this afternoon) and it really presents most of the problems you’ll find whenever you try to introduce any sort of change into an organization. The penguin fable is really cool and I bet you’ll identify all of the “penguins” of your organization instantly :,,)

Anyway, I must confess that reading this book was the only good thing that came of the new evaluation system (also known as SIADAP) since it was recommended by the person that was presenting it as a good read for justifying the needed change. Interestingly (or not), the message I got from the book confirms my initial suspicion: this evaluation system is completely wrong and should be banned (If you don’t work in Portugal, you probably don’t know what I’m talking about, so I’ll really come back to this subject to explain what is it and why it’s completely wrong).

Anyway, back to the book, I’m giving it 8/10.