Apr 03

Update: after all, it seems like this was also supported in vista…interesting :,,)

I’ve been so busy that I’ve neglected my windows 7 series…oh well….what can I say? 🙂

Back to the important stuff…one of the things I really love in windows 7 is that it lets me put one monitor in top of the other, like you can see next.


I do love this because this arrangement is really good for when I’m using my netbook and have it connected to an external monitor on a small desk and move the mouse in a natural way (with this configuration, going to to top monitor is accomplished by moving the mouse up, not to the side!). Just take a look at my current configuration:


Isn’t this nice?

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  1. AlbertoSilva
    1:30 pm - 4-3-2009

    Hi Luís,
    You could do that already on Vista, and probaly XP. On the display settings, you can move the displays 1 and 2, and even align them when they have different sizes!

    Alberto Silva

  2. luisabreu
    2:24 pm - 4-3-2009

    I have one machine with vista at home and I”ll try it.