Jun 14

Now that my miny-vacations are over, it’s time to start posting again. For the first post, I decided to update my book reading with a short review of Robert Ludlum’s The Bourne Identity. To be honest, I’ve only bought this book because I loved the Bourne trilogy (which I still consider one of the best action movies out there).

Overall, the book ended up being interesting and really different from the movie. This only means that the cinema guys did an excellent work on adapting the book to film (which, for instance, didn’t happen with the The Vinci’s Code, where the movie is a copy of the book – I guess that someone forgot that things that work for books don’t always work on movies and vice-versa).~

Going back to the book, it’s only fair to mention that Robert Ludlum did an excellent job in creating the Bourne character. The plot is good(though, as I said, really different from the movie) and, sometimes,a little dense (which is great for an espionage book). Robert Ludlum has a very peculiar writing style (and I’ve even go as far as saying that it won’t be appreciated by many people). I liked it,but I’m not sure if it will please everyone 🙂

Overall, I’m giving it 7.5/10.

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