Jul 08

Sorry for the lack of posts on multithreading and C# but I’ve been really busy in these last days because Friday is the last day before my two week vacations! :,,) I promise to write more about it, though I’m not sure if I’ll be writing on the next couple of days…

Finally got some free time to sit and install it. Interestingly, it didn’t work at first and I started getting lots of crashes. It seems like the solution is to remove and install again (found this tip somewhere). After doing this, it worked without any glitches 🙂

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  1. Ana Rodriguez
    2:32 pm - 7-13-2009

    Hi Luis,

    So you have an HTC with Windows mobile? How does it work?? I’m very interested in buying an HTC myself, but I’ve heard bad things about this branch. It’s great you can install live mesh in a mobile device.

    Our company just developed a very interesting cloud-hosted application using Live Mesh. You can take a look at it here: If you like it, you can help us vote for it at the new CloudApp() Contest: The app is listed at the end of the page, under the name of Omar Del Rio. Hope you like it!


    Ana Rodriguez