Aug 03

JQuery: DOM level event model support

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In the previous posts, we’ve taken a peek at the several DOM levels that exist. In this post, we’ll see how JQuery supports these levels. Well, as you might expect, JQuery supports most of this stuff. The only thing that is not supported is the capture phase. In other words, you’ll only get bubbling events if you’re using JQuery.

To be honest, I still haven’t used any capture events until today. Probably that’s because IE doesn’t support it and since I need to write code that runs in IE, I never really explored its use. I guess that what I’m saying is that you’ll probably live without the capture phase, right?

Most of the other features presented on the DOM 3 level event model (if not all) are covered by JQuery. For instance, it hides IEs discrepancies on the Event object from you and, as we’ve seen, it ensures that handlers will always receive an Event object as its first parameter. And there’s not much to say about JQuery’s compatibility with the DOM level model. I guess there’s still a couple of things to talk about regarding events,but we’ll leave them for future posts.