Sep 15

Book review: JavaScript, the good parts

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I’ve just finished reading Douglas Crockford’s book and I can tell you that is a fantastic book. Notice that the book concentrates on the language itself, so don’t buy this book and expect to find a good reference for learning DHTML. The book is full of small nuggets which will guide you through the most important concepts of the language. Besides doing that, the author also gives you his opinion on which features you should use for writing good JavaScript code (the best part is that he explains why and he also presents a list with the features you shouldn’t use – notice that I’ve been writing on this stuff lately. This books goes even farther and will give you much more details on several topics I’ve mentioned in the JavaScript series posts).

I guess that the best thing I can say about this book is that it should have been out a few years ago when I started writing JavaScript code: it would have saved me lots of time! I’m giving it 9/10 and I’m recommending it to anyone that wants to have a better understanding of JavaScript.