Oct 21

I’ve just received an email which reference this interview. It really makes you think…

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  1. Bertrand Le Roy
    11:28 pm - 10-21-2009

    Yeah, makes you think how crazy some people are. That”s what”s great about the Internet: the crazy people get as much speaking time as the sane ones. This is just one more bullshit conspiracy theory that stands on absolutely nothing. One that will kill.
    Read this instead:

  2. luisabreu
    8:29 am - 10-22-2009

    well, I”m really in position to evaluate it because I”m not a doctor…anyway, it seems like there”s simple no consensus on it (and I”ve read articles by scientists claiming that it works and that it doesn”t, so I really don”t know which one is correct)

  3. Bertrand Le Roy
    7:55 pm - 10-22-2009

    The article I linked is a honest summary on what the scientific consensus is, including the limitations of the vaccine, which are real. But crazy lady is definitely a paranoid conspiracist (pleonasm) who is not worth your attention.