Nov 20

You can get it from here. I’m curious to see if it contains new features…

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  1. Dave Reed
    2:46 am - 11-21-2009

    From Preview 6, the main thing is the addition of integration of the ACT client scripts to work with the loader (and Sys.create, etc).

    Also a few more things ”plugin-ized”, like Sys.addHandler, which also now takes dom selectors or arrays of selectors in addition to a dom element.

  2. luisabreu
    2:39 pm - 11-21-2009

    Looks good…btw, did any of the other suggestions made it into the code? (ex.: getting the event from within a command handler)


  3. Dave Reed
    7:03 am - 11-22-2009

    One or two may have, I forget all the suggestions you made 🙂 This was a quick iteration over preview 6 so not a lot changed. The suggestions you had are all logged as bugs tho, and likely to be taken for next time.

  4. luisabreu
    1:15 pm - 11-22-2009

    Thanks Dave.