Nov 24

Some observations on MS AJAX and JQuery integration

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In my last post, I’ve talked a little bit about the new plugins introduced by the latest release of MS AJAX (beta, at the time of writing). One of the things that didn’t enjoy much was that I had to call the JQuery’s get method in order to get a reference to the DOM element array. What I was forgetting was that MS AJAX has really good integration with JQuery (something that Dave Ward was kind enough to reminded me).

In practice, this means that I can simply pass a string with the selector I want and I’ll automatically get the correct DOM element array. here’s the updated code:

<script type="text/javascript">
        [Sys.scripts.jQuery, Sys.scripts.ComponentModel],
        function () {
                function (evt) {
                  alert("JQuery: " +;

Notice that you can use more complex selectors too. All the selectors which can’t be interpreted by MS AJAX will be delegated to JQuery. As you can see, MS AJAX is becoming a really cool lib, don’t you think?