Jan 04

This is the first post of the year! I guess that means I’ll need to wish you all a fantastic New Year and I really hope that everything you wish comes true!

Now, this is really a short post about two simple new properties that have been added to the Page class: MetaDescription and MetaKeywords. In fact, these are really simple shortcuts for the Description and Keywords properties exposed by the HtmlHead class (oh, btw, you can get access the header by using the Header property exposed by the Page class and this will only return a valid reference when you have a <head> element annotated with a runat=”server” attribute). As you’ve probably guessed, you can use the MetaDescription property to set the “description” <meta> element. On the other hand, you can use the MetaKeywords to set the keywords  <meta> tag.

As I’ve said before, these are really simple additions. But it’s also important to notice that adding simple features which make our lives easier end up contributing to improving the framework, right? And that’s it for today. Keep tuned for more on ASP.NET.

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