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Jun 24

Yep, my old HTC Touch Pro died and I had to pick a replacement. So, I guess I did the right thing and went with Android and HTC Desire…hum…does this mean I’ll be writing Java? Who knows :,,)

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Jun 23

Even though I haven’t been as active as I wished, I have still managed to get some time to read several interesting blog posts lately. Unfortunately, it seems like two guys that I have a lot of respect for (though I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting them in person) have gone into the “dark […]

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Jun 16

The “Onde está” –> “Pôr” table

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[If you’re not Portuguese, it’s safe to skip this post. If you are, please read it and watch the TV show I’ve mentioned] It’s been a long time since I’ve written something here. In fact, it seems like I haven’t written anything useful in the last month. There’s a good reason for this: I’m working […]

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