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Oct 28

Zebra code available online

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A few years ago, I’ve written a couple of helper classes for printing labels for those funny Zebra printers. At the time, I’ve targeted the TLP2844 model, but the code should work with any printer which understands EPL2. There was a problem with my ISP provider  which resulted in a delete of the rar file […]

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Oct 27

The dynamic type

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C# 4.0 introduced a new type whose main job is to simplify our job when writing code that needs to use reflection. I’m talking about the new dynamic type. As we all know, C# is type-safe programming language. In practice, this means that the compiler must resolve all expressions into types and their respective operations. […]

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Oct 25

In the previous post, we’ve started looking at the Equals method and saw that its default implementation (inherit from Object) had some flaws. We’ve seen a better implementation for it and we’ve also talked about some strategies for overriding the method in new custom types. In this post, we’re going to talk about a somewhat […]

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Oct 24

Yep, it’s true: I’m still alive! After a long pause on blogging (due to a future project which I’ll talk about in a future post), I’m back…And with a very interesting topic. Comparison between objects is something which developers tend to do a lot. By default, all objects inherit the Object’s Equals virtual method, which […]

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Oct 01

It seems like MS renewed my ASP.NET MVP status for another year. Thanks MS!

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