Jan 13

After a couple of days, it seems like I was able to migrate all my posts from my old Community Server blog to the new one. The process didn’t run as smooth as I thought/wanted…After exporting the CSS content to a BlogML file, I’ve ended up with almost 6MB of text. Unfortunately, the WordPress import process was only able to handle about 60 posts at a time. Not sure why…overall, that meant that I had edit the BlogML file several times and remove the imported posts by hand…a repetitive boring process indeed. After importing everything, I’ve still had to perform another “manual” update to all the categories which, during the importing process, didn’t get the corrent name (instead, it used the ID).

But hey, it’s done. There’s still one more thing left to do: install the feedburner plugin so that the default RSS feed gets redirected to my feedburner account. Meanwhile, I’ve added a custom RSS feed which should allow new users to subscribe to it automatically while this problem isn’t solved.

There’s a nasty bug that I won’t even try to solve: the links in my previous posts which refer other posts are still referencing the CS blog version…damn, this will teach me to use the feedburner URLs instead…

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  1. Phillip
    12:26 am - 1-14-2011

    WOOO New Blog 🙂 Looks much cleaner and nicer, congrats.

    I just recently moved to WordPress running on SQL Server.