Feb 20

Book review: JavaScript Patterns

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One of the books I’ve ended up reading in the last month was the JavaScript Patterns book, by Stoyan Stefanov. The first thing you should take in mind is that this is not a JavaScript beginner’s  book. If you’re starting, then you probably should buy another book or start by reading the info in the MDC. The book starts with the basics, giving you several advices on how to improve your JavaScript code. Then it goes into several interesting details regarding basic features (ex.: hoisting), literals, functions, object construction, code reuse, general patterns and DOM patterns.

Even though this is not an ECMAScript5 book, the truth is that it prepares you well for it since it mentions most gotchas that might bite you when you decide to use it in your day to day programming. Overall, I’m giving it a 8/10 and this is a good companion for Douglas Crockford’s classical JavaScript: the good parts (which I’ve reviewed in the past and do recommend to anyone that needs to do some serious JavaScript programming).