Mar 20

If you’ve been reading this blog, you probably know that my latest book on HTML5 has been released. In this last book project, I’ve run a little experiment: I’ve asked for the help of my readers for reviewing the manuscript. There were several guys which answered the call and I liked the way things worked out. Since the experiment worked, I’ve decided to run it again for my next book project. This time, I’m writing about JavaScript (one of my favorite languages!) and the idea is to build a small book (written in Portuguese) which helps people understand the specificities associated with its use. This is not an HTML JS book. This is really about Javascript and you can use it to improve your knowledge about the language.

Even though this is a small book (under less than 200 pages), it’s also true that the time for reviewing the manuscript is limited to 2 weeks. Once again, the only thing I can give you for your help is a free copy and public acknowledgment for your work. If you’re interested, then please drop me a line at labreu at

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  1. Kalyan
    8:56 pm - 5-23-2011


    Just noticed this post.

    Are you still looking for reviewers?
    Please ignore this if the book is in Portuguese. I can help with an english version.

    all the best!

    • luisabreu
      10:07 pm - 5-23-2011


      Yes, the book is in portuguese. My work on it is finished though and it has gone to the printer.