May 24

I’m proud to say that my latest book is out! This time, I’ve decided to write about JavaScript and I tried to cover most features associated with its use. Notice that this isn’t a DHTML book. Instead, I tried to present all the features of this language (including the new ones introduced by ECMAScript5) and introduce several important patterns that are useful in the real world. I can tell you that I had lots of fun writing this books…I mean it! After all, I do love JavaScript. It’s really a fantastic language. It’s a pity that many people don’t use it correctly (but that’s another story…)

Once again, I had the good luck to work closely with my goof friend João Paulo Carreiro. Besides his precious help, I’ve also had important feedback from several other guys:

Thanks guys, your feedback was really important for improving the book!

I believe this is book number 8…I’d say it’s time to rest now…I hope…

2 comments so far

  1. Brad
    11:15 pm - 5-25-2011

    Is it available in english?

    • luisabreu
      8:50 pm - 5-27-2011

      Hello. No, unfortunately it’s only available in Portuguese.