Sep 14

Windows 8 first impressions

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I’ve decided to use it in my home machine…couldn’t resist it, you know Smile

The first impressions are positive, though I’m not sure if this metro thingy is something I want to use in my day to day work. I would really be glad to end up with slick and fast UI + tools. After all, I’m a  dev, not a game player. So, how do I turn it off? If there’s a way, please share it with me Smile

There’s one thing that pissed me: no more Windows menu (you know, the one that was shown when you hit the windows key…). So how do I hibernate my pc now? I’ve already changed the default power plan and I’ve added the hibernate option to the shut down options menu…but that menu is no longer available and the window key will redirect you between the desktop and the metro UI. The only way I managed to see this shut down options was when I hit ctrl+alt+del and stumbled upon a power off icon…oh well, let’s see how things go after using it for another day…