Sep 15

More thoughts about the new UI user experience

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After playing a little bit more with the new Windows 8 preview, I’m a little more used to the new metro UI. I’ve already removed all the default crap (oops, applications…that’s what I meant) and I’ve added shortcuts for most of the apps I use daily. I’m still trying to figure out how to place a shortcut for a folder or an application which works in “xcopy mode”…I’ll probably have to write some code for that, but I’ll need to dig a little more before being sure.

I do like the new Windows taskbar. It’s really great to be able to see the app icon in the correct screen. Another thing which I like is the new explorer window. Now it comes with a ribon…I’ve heard several complaints about it, but the truth is that I like it. btw, it brings some new things out of the box. For instance, now you can open the cmd from the folder you’re viewing (check the next image). To be honest, I’m a little surprised there’s no power Shell shortcut (come on, this is 2011 and we all love power shell, right? Smile).


The task manager is another app which has seen several improvements. When you activate the more details window, you’ll end up getting a fair ammount of info presented in a very useful way. For instance, there’s a users tab where you can see the apps associated to each user that is logged in to the machine. Another nice detail is the new copy dialog.


Another interesting improvemente is the new copy file dialog. As you can see in the next image, now we are faced with a graphic which show the corrente throughput. Even better: we can pause the current copy operation (notice the small icons on the top right corner of the dialog windows).


Another good news: there’s an out of the box mount option for ISO images (almost sure it wasn’t here before)…There surely more, but I’ll leave it for future posts. Stay tuned for more.