May 07

Can’t renew your Metro developer license? Then this is for you!

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As you know if you read this blog, I’ve been unable to write any Metro JavaScript code for a few days because I couldn’t renew my developer license. Well, after complaining in the forums, I had the good fortunate to receive some attention from Mike Wong, who was kind enough to take this problem with the developer team. I must say that I wasn’t pleased with the initial solution and that I really unleashed all my rage on pour Mike. Fortunately, he redirected it to the team and come back with a solution which *doesn’t* involve reinstalling windows (this is really important to me because all my machines are only running Windows 8). So, here is what you need to do if you face the dreaded Metro license renew error:

  1. Remove all the Metro apps  you’ve installed which were built with your license. This typically means uninstalling all the apps you’ve opened in VS and hit F5 or CTRL+F5;
  2. Wait two days. I know it looks like a joke, but I’m serious: you need to wait for two days;
  3. After the those 2 days wait, you’re ready to rock-n-roll: it’s renewal time!

And that it’s. After the weekend, I was finally able to renew my license. Once again, special thanks to Mike Wong! Now, it’s time to code Smile