Dec 19

Book review: Programming C# 5.0

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[Disclaimer: I’ve received a free copy of this book from O’Reilly]

I’ve finally managed to finish reading Ian Griffiths’ last book (yep, it’s a big book!) and I can tell you that it’s a great piece of work. In a similar vein with Jeffrey’s CLR via C# (I’ll be writing a review about this in the next couple of days), but with a different approach to the topics, Ian uses the C# 5.0 language to explore the CLR. It covers a lot of ground and that means it won’t be as deep as deserved in some areas (ex.: I think that Reactive Extensions deserved a little more love than it got). Oh, and yes, even though there’s a chapter on XAML and another on ASP.NET, don’t expect to see a lot of stuff covered about those platforms. Yes, they do cover some ground and they might be enough if you’ve got some experienced and just need the basics to get started. However, they’re far from enough if you’re looking for specific in depth coverage in each of those areas.

The text is clear and the prose is pleasant (at least, for about 95% of time) and I think this book would be a good addition to the bookshelf of any C# developer. Overall, I’d give it an 8/10.