Aug 01

Hello Froyo!

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The wait is finally over: Froyo is here (at least, for all HTC Desire models). The install went really well and it involved a couple of reboots and was not as along as I expected. I’ve already noticed some improvements in the OS (for instance, you can now switch between languages in one key stroke while writing – which is really cool if you need to write in different languages like I do). I’ve also used the free Quadrant Benchmark app and I’ve seen several improvements (when compared with the previous version).

I’ve also decided to go ahead and installed the Java and the Android SDK in my laptop. It’s a x64 machine, so I’ve faced a couple of problems related with installing x64 JDK and making it play nicely with the Android x86 SDK. As always, Stackoverflow was a good help and I managed to set everything up in just about 10 mins. Btw, I did try to use eclipse and the Android SDK from my netbook, but the damn thing almost froze the machine, so I had to test it in my laptop. I think that I’ll be using my netbook only for C# code from now onwards…

So, now I should be able to run a few dumb apps to see ho,,w difficult it is to write an Android app (the only thing I need is some spare time 🙁 ).