Oct 21

I’ve just received an email which reference this interview. It really makes you think…

Oct 21

A few days ago, I’ve mentioned that bing isn’t working property. Interestingly, I’ve just noticed that if you run a search for ‘search’ in Google Portugal, you’ll get a reference for bing. Isn’t that ironic?


Oct 17

On the BLOCKED SCRIPTSys entry…

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Unfortunately, it seems like CS is escaping my JavaScript code. Whenever you see BLOCKED SCRIPTSys, it should be javascript :Sys (without any space). Sorry for that, but I believe there’s nothing I can do about it now…

Oct 10

No one can deny the positive effect that Obama’s election  had in the whole world, but I’m surely missing something here…can anyone tell me why he won this prize?

Oct 07

HTC HD2: isn’t it a beauty?

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Don’t believe me? Check it here!

Oct 03

Protected: Jon Skeet is no longer an MVP

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Oct 01

It looks like I’m an ASP.NET MVP for the fifth time in a row. Thanks MS. Five years…how time flies…

Sep 25

One of the things I end up doing sometimes in Visual Studio is copying blank lines. It’s not that I want to copy a blank line…it’s simply that I get interrupted while using ctrl+c/ctrl+v and end up messing things when I return to the desk. Since I’ve just ended up copying another blank line, I’ve lost a few seconds and opened the options window to see if I could control it from there. And yes, I can:


And there you go: no more blank line copying for me! (I’m blogging about this now because I’m currently using VS 2010 without resharper! If I had resharper, things would be much better :),,)

Sep 16

SpriteMe released

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I’ve just seen the announcement on Steve Souders’ blog (yes, I know: I’m late, but don’t forget I’ve been busy with network security training).

Sep 08

I guess this says it all. I’ve had similar experiences in the past and I still think that bing is far far far away from bing…

Aug 31

I’ve just returned from a really nice weekend on this lovely hotel. Bar services could be a little better and it’s not the easiest place to find, but the hotel is just great! Highly recommended if you’re looking for a nice place to say and relax for a couple of days. Here are some pics I’ve taken during my stay there. And now, it’s time to go back to vacations mode.

Aug 21

Ribeiro Frio Balcões Walk

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Today I’ve managed to do another walk. This time, it was a really short one, from Ribeiro Frio to Balcões. I’ve took some pictures and I’ve uploaded them to facebook.

Aug 20

1000 mark

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I was looking at my settings on and I’ve notice that I’ve hit the 1000 posts mark. Honestly, I never expected to reach that mark (nor was it an objective), but it seems like it happened…


Aug 19

If you’re driving, focus on the road

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Impressive video that I’ve found through Alberto’s blog.

Aug 06

Windows 7 on MSDN

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And you can get them now!

Jul 30

Guys, which one of these do you prefer: the light one or the black one? For working I do really prefer darker schemes, but it seems like they don’t work very well with the JS editor…

Jul 14

More info here.

Jul 08

Sorry for the lack of posts on multithreading and C# but I’ve been really busy in these last days because Friday is the last day before my two week vacations! :,,) I promise to write more about it, though I’m not sure if I’ll be writing on the next couple of days…

Finally got some free time to sit and install it. Interestingly, it didn’t work at first and I started getting lots of crashes. It seems like the solution is to remove and install again (found this tip somewhere). After doing this, it worked without any glitches 🙂

Jul 08

Google Chrome OS?

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It wasn’t with great surprise that I’ve read this post on the Google blog. As many others, I’m really curious to see if it will work. Thoughts?

Jul 07

So sad, really!

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It’s lunch time, I turn on the TV for watching the news and what do I see? More than 45 mins of Cristiano Ronaldo’s presentation on Real Madrid…and then there’s the piece on the music he chose for his presentation…it’s from a Portuguese band, you know…and that’s why we need to interview the guys that written and played the music…again…I say again because yesterday we had to watch hours of that stuff! Then, more repetitions on MJ’s ceremonies…And now, the funny thing: Portugal hasn’t ordered nor has it defined the quantity of vaccines it should buy for the H1N1 pandemic. Many countries (here in Europe) have already done that, but here we don’t need those stupid vaccines…This piece had a duration of 45 seconds…and then, lets put C. Ronaldo again…

See where I’m getting? Not sure about you, but I tend to find information on the H1N1 way more important (specially since our government hasn’t done almost anything about it yet!) that watching C. Ronaldo being presented in Madrid. That piece should have had at least 5 minutes and they should have interviewed the government about those things. that’s the important stuff…

It’s sad…so sad…

Jun 28

So, I’ve just got a new toy: a wacom Bamboo table. This should be fun after getting a nice free app for drawing :,,) Any thoughts?

Jun 27

And that means that I’m 33 years old…damn…

Jun 26

And here’s the proof:


If you’re interested, you can get more info on the publisher’s site.

Jun 16

More on the III Exposition of Vintage and Classic cars

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I’ve uploaded some more pics to the Facebook album. These were taken with the camera, so they don’t have the same quality as the previous ones.

Jun 15

We’re already in June, so where is Resharper 5.0??? :,,)

Jun 10

Mini-vacations time

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For the 1st time in a long time, we have 2 holydays   on consecutive days and do that, I’ve added a day off in Friday. In practice, it’s time for mini-vacations and this means that this blog might be quiet until the weekend :,,)

Jun 10

III Exposition of Vintage and Classic cars

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Pictures were taken on June 10th 2009.

Jun 09

Friend assemblies and strong names

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Before getting started, I’d like to say that I don’t really use friend assemblies much. However, there are times where using friend assemblies is a must and in those cases, you might end up getting into the problem I had. For starters, you need to use the InternalsVisibleToAttribute to signal a friend assembly. In my case, I’ve added something like this:

[assembly: InternalsVisibleTo("Sra.Core.Entities.Repositories")]

Since I tend to sign my assemblies, I’ve ended up getting this error:

error CS1726: Friend assembly reference ”Sra.Core.Entities.Repositories” is invalid. Strong-name signed assemblies must specify a public key in their InternalsVisibleTo declarations.

hum…nice…I’ll just get the PublicKey from Reflector and we’re done here! Oh, not quite…When I tried adding something like this:

[assembly: InternalsVisibleTo("Sra.Core.Entities.Repositories, PublicKey=1231ab00a0d…")]

“Now I’m done!”…at least, that’s what I thought…However, I ended up getting the same error…wtf? It was then that I read the following on the docs:

“This attribute applies to internal types in C#, friend types in Visual Basic,and all types at namespace or global scope in C++. To apply this attribute to a strong-named friend assembly,you must know the hexadecimal string that represents the public key of the friend assembly.”

Aha! hexadecimal…that’s it…I’ll just convert it to hexadecimal…now the thing is: what is the quickest way to get the key in hexadecimal? If you’re thinking reflector, you’re right! Just change the language to IL and you’ll get your key in hex:


You gotta love Reflector!!!

Jun 08

J.D. Meier on productivity personas

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An interesting article by J.D.Meier on the several types of personas you might find. I’ve tried to look at the personas and I think I’m “compatible” with:

  • starter
  • doer
  • can do
  • achiever