Window Azure Co-admin and SQL Azure

At different customer sites I am not the administrator of the Windows Azure subscription. But I am one of the co-admin(‘s). My strategy is to make a live id on the e-mail address I have with that customer. So when I leave the assignment I can give back my co-admin account. The customer is sure, I do not  change the Windows Azure settings. Of course they trust me, but better save than sorry.

The only disadvantage was, as a co-admin you were not able to manage a SQL Azure database. You weren’t able to create Databases, change firewall rules etc. At least not from the Windows Azure Management portal. Of course with the right comments this was doable with SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS), but you need the overall account.

As of today I saw this was fixed. As a co-admin you are now able to manage the complete SQL Azure server. Very handy!


Oke, but now I would like to differentiate between co-admins. Not very co-admin should be able to do everything or with more restrictions. Well, it is good to have wishes Winking smile

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