New Windows Azure Management Portal

Yes, finally. There has been an update on the Windows Azure Management portal. No new functionality was added (however I have some whishes left), but the UX of the Management portal is more intuitive. Before when you accidently did a Right Mouse click, you got the vague message: it is a Silverlight site. Yeah so what Winking smile. Luckily of course this means Silverlight is far from dead (but that is a different discussion), but the vague message was not very functional.

But with the update there are serious context serious action menu when doing a Right Mouse click on the level of the Hosted Services tree.


(Unfortunate in the context menu “Connect” or setting up a RDP session is missing.)



But there is more! You can choose another language for the texts on the screen. No Dutch at the moment, but that will come in time I suppose.


For example in German.


Ok, these context sensitive action menu’s are only available on the “Hosted Services, Storage Account & CDN”. But I assume the other teams will follow the leader in the near future.

Oh, if you have troubles connecting to the new portal, flush the Internet explorer cache and delete cookies. That will help.

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