Windows Azure Scale UP – Scale OUT

Couple of days ago I had to explain a colleague at the customer side some things about Windows Azure. And of course Scalability comes around the corner. I saw myself drawing all kinds of pictures to make it clear. So I made a nice presentation, here are a few bits of it.

But first some terminology.


On the Windows Azure platform we know 5 different sizes of Virtual Machines. That is the SCALE UP.


If you change the number of instances in ServiceConfiguration.csdfg from the default 1 to more, then we speak about SCALE OUT.


Of course there are combination possible. More processes within 1 good dimensioned Virtual Machine (Scale out) and more of these Virtual Machine side by side.


But this can only work, if the proces is capable of being scalable. If the code is not written from a scalability point of view, it will not work anyway.

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