SQL Azure versions

Few months ago on the Windows Azure blog there was the announcement about the SQL Azure July service release.


In this blog post they warned, the live version van SQL Azure would be update in de coming weeks. In order to keep using SSMS (Sql Server Management Studio) you had to get current on a few SQL Server 2008 R2 updates. So after these update you could work with the tools and SQL Azure as you used to be.

Such a update takes a while that all the nodes in the Windows Azure datacenters are ready. I was able to see that in real life. I have two SQL Azure databases, one in Europe Dublin and one in Europe Amsterdam. During the upgrade period I verified the version on both servers and there was a difference. The version level of Dublin was higher then Amsterdam. Unfortunately I lost the screenshot of the situation.

Of course you should feel anything about the upgrades etc. That is the promise of Windows Azure as a platform. You don’t have to deal with the infrastructure. But as a developer you have to think right about how you ask things. You know problem, in the early days of computers there were games bound to some sort of CPU or graphics card and those games could not be used if you had a better CPU or equal good CPU. Very annoying, but the developers were to strict in their checking. This blog post gives a tip how to verify if you are on SQL Azure or SQL Server 2008 R2.


In this particular SQL Azure upgrade case some products and companies were troubled by the updates. Redgate (vendor of SQL en SQL Azure products) was not amused and also a customer of ours (using their tools) felt the problem..

Now the update/upgrade is finished, so time to check the version numbers on SQ Azure again.


I use SQL Server 2008 R2 local, that is shown in the bottom part of the picture. As you see, the Cloud version is higher. And more funnier it is even higher then the last CTP (CTP3) van Denali.


This are the first sighs of new version of Software becoming available first in the Cloud days/weeks/months before it becomes available on DVD or as a download.

“That is the power of Cloud!”

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