SQL Azure development with tooling ‘Juneau’

At this moment when you develop for SQL Azure you miss some of the cool tools. The tools you are familiar with while developing for SQL Server 2008 R2.

In the SQL Server Management Studio when connected to SQL Server 2008 R2 and you want to create a table, there is that UI thingie.


But when connected to SQL Azure with SQL Server Management Studio you only get some guidance on the syntax for the create table statement.


But I am not a great SQL developer at least I need more help then the guidance you are getting Winking smile. I am a big fan of the UI thingie. Not really a problem of course create tables in SQL Server 2008 R2, script the Database objects for SQL Azure, run the script on the SQL Azure instance and go on. But this takes a awful lot of steps and many points of failure. From within Visual Studio there is also the possibility to connect to SQL Server or SQL Azure via the Server Explorer.  But creating objects on SQL Azure is not supported.


But there is help on the way! At this moment Denali is being developed and currently in CTP3. With this also comes the Juneau tools and tooling, which enables the UI thingie in the Server Explorer of Visual Studio for SQL Azure. Now the developers can create objects with help of ‘wizards’.


Ok, the Database administrators still have to do this with only the syntax help, but that is what they like the most Winking smile.

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