SDN Cloud Magazine Special

The attention for the Cloud as platform really had a boost in the past year. This is noticeable that more companies  are delivering or wanting to deliver Cloud services and they are adding Cloud to their services. Sometimes this label can discussed because everyone is calling their solutions Cloud. But this makes it clear Cloud is becoming a serious platform and here to stay.

Different surveys show that companies are seriously considering Cloud or Cloud services  and Cloud is high on the CEO’s priority lists.

In our regular magazines Cloud along with Mobile, Web en Desktop are subject of the articles, but now the momentum of Cloud is now and that is why wer made this special. In this Cloud special you can read about different aspects of the Cloud platforms.

If you are interested in this special and did not get it on a event? Mail me and will mail one to you (  of

Cloud Arjen de Blok – SSL Security in Windows Azure 05
Cloud Clemens Reijnen – Met Cloud Computing hebben wij een belofte waar te maken 10
Cloud Marcel Meijer – Windows Azure is Scalable 14
Cloud Niels Bergsma – Back-ups maken in SQL Azure met het DAC2.0-framework 17
Cloud Kris van der Mast – Een introductie rond caching op het Azure platform 20
Cloud Maarten Balliauw – Beyond Software-as-a-Service: Self-service application provisioning 24
Cloud Didier Caron – Client-Side benaderen van de Access Control Service 28
Cloud Anko Duizer – Het Windows Azure Platform: één jaar verder… 31
Cloud Hildo van Es – Queue notification service 33

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